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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

the effing news.

anyway, about my phone. early morning, i did ask for money from dad, $10. thats how much it costs when i payed for repairing my phone, in fact less than 10. then, fu-huuuuuuuuuucckkkkk. the repairman said that the wires inside my phone maybe putus, and the total for the repairing costs $86+, i mean, how shit is that? :( i only got $10 in my pocket then he asked for more? i mean, bullshit. :( i wasted my fucking time going to the mall instead of studying my butt at home. i did study, but i just cant get everything right. FOR SURE! i cant stop thinking how should i contact people and stuff, mahn, im soo stressed out. i reached home and start bullshitting my time thinking about my phone, how messy my room is, and study. now is 12:09, exam starts at 2. just goodluck me, goodluck. i hate you stupid hp, very much. okay, thats for now.

love, fidelis. xx!

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