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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

stressed out. :(

BIG HI from Jynx. <3

good morning bloggers, im here just wanna drop by just wanna say that..
MY PHONE SUCKED, the keypad went stupidly annoying. the menu keypad, the one to answer calls, kanan and bawah arrows DIDN'T WORK. and guess what? since YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. :(

i switched it on and off every time i have the feeling that it might be working out as usual but it turned out to be the other way around. and then, trying to use my spare phone, hah! it fucked up too cause of its battery, i guess, yknow it, overcharge. :(

its kinda hard for me to not have a phone around, the phone is like my second life, yknow. for me to contact Jynx *winks* and ainul :( i cant even study last night because of this phone! and afternoon later at 2, will be D&T exams :( im sorry D&T, i haven't studied you yet, blame the phone okay? :(

anyhow, i decided to ask for money from dad and maybe go to the mall later at 10, it'll probably take half an hour for them to work things right with my phone. huh, please make my day people! i dont wanna ruin my day just because of this stupid phone :\

sai, i know youre phone fucked up too, but mine was..really, it bums me :(

okay, maybe thats it for now. will update ya'll bloggers how'd it go later (:

love, fidelis. xx!

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