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Thursday, 11 November 2010

back to the classics.

just so you know whats the title is about, im back using the classic phone. jangantah kan belurus sana okay? haha, not the one yang thick phone with antennae, dumb jua usulku tu if i use one, hahaha. barat tu eh bawa bejalan, mc orang lagi payah tu. haha, makin panjang jua nii karang, apanya si ann? "tambahi nya wah! pintar eh." hahaha. anyhoww, yes, just dropping by to let all the bloggers know that im back to the classics, using nokia 1600. cek tia arah google if you want to, rugged kaliah (Y) haha. bah, enough of me sharing this shit. not embarassing myself, just sharing a part of shitting piece of my life. hahaha, emo. bah, thanks readers.

love, fidelis. xx <3

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