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Friday, 29 October 2010

New Upcoming Jynx Award - Best Teachers In SMSSA 2010

soo, this came up to my mind like just now. haha, so yeah! since our school ada teachers yang bubbly, fun and we can be ourselves when we bumped into them, we made ourselves Jynx Award for Best Teachers In SMSSA, as ya'll know it, we'll just reveal the top 7. :D

soo, here are the nominees.... ahh to hell the nominees, lets just give the award straight away. if i could have said the nominees, you guys are like what? wasting your precious time to read your asses about the nominees. wtf. haha!

so, to us, here are our top 7.

1. Sir Joe - He's like a brother, yes, a brother. holler back at you man :D
2. Teacher Evelin - haha, she gets annoyed yet excited when we're around her, yes cher? :D
3. Teacher Ardiana - she was our form teacher when we were in form 3, if im not mistaken. plus, ia lawa. haha :P
4. Sir Reizal - he's not around school anymore :( but hey, you're listed here sir :D
5. Sayoh - he's our gorjas. HAHAHAHAHAHA *sarcastically :P
6. Teacher Suzi - she's married to Sir Zadil :p plus, ia lawa and the way she teached Science is like..wow. :D
7. Sir Suferi - dimana kami ada, ia ada disana jua tu taking our pictures :P like, majlis perkahwinan teacher suzi, di rumah si NB. antah, ia dimana mana lah! :D

soo, thats it. holla, xx :D

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