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Friday, 29 October 2010

at my place, dumbass.

YES, jynx were at jibah's place earlier today. obviously, its Friday soo, datang lapas sudah habis sembahyang jumaat. one by one of the jynx datang but toooooooooooooo bad that daisy weren't there! :( anyhoww, the first one to come was NB. *clap clap* haha. since the two of us are known as awkward when we're left alone together but hey! it turned out to be great, we talked about yknow-what yknow-what :DD yes, you dont know buuuuuuuuut, it was great, seriously (: we talked till nb's throat kinda..hurt i think. or haus :P so then, i gave her water to drink, we talked agaiiiin sampai ann arrived outside. guess what? she's awake when i mc-ed her masa tengahari when they were suppose to come at that kinda time jua. but then, fortunately, she's the second to come :D when she was about to came in my room, nb was hiding behind the wardrobe to make a surprise for ann and to make her feel like she's the first one to come soo..blablabla. we talked again about stuff *kiraikirai* :p then ummi came along, without us knowing that she was outside but she made herself feel like home, soo yeah, she just bust in my room and sat down to my bed. and agaaaaain, we talked about more stuff! :D after a lot of talking, miming came along. usulnya lagi rambut basah apa ah, and that very moment, nb was hyper till she pompong her hair like Dara 2NE1. :P then, i volunteered to miming to karingkan her hair, soo yes, i did. then, semua tia tarus, ada yang becurl rambut tia, ada yang cutex the fingernails, ada tia vaining begambar sambil taking pictures, but soo what, thats what we do mahn, thats how we roll! holla :D then, makin makin vain, semua begambar sambil tukar baju and stuffs :P what! thats Jynx make-over :D soooo yeah, since we're doing our stuff, sai came. gosh, i miss her (: but too bad daisy nada soo yeah :\ kisses for you daisy (: sai was all make-uppy :D kami semua siuk sendiri lah! it all went great, one hell fun day :D

p.s : sorry cause this was just simple. and..err, we were actually going to study math for monday but, turns out to be like this. sorry mahnn, we cant help it. haha, hookay. xx (:

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