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Saturday, 30 October 2010

at school.

goodmorning, jynx fans. hahahaha :P anyhow, today jynx suppose to come to school like teenage kids do, early in the morning and get up from your asses and hit shower then dress and head your butt to school. but what? i came to school likewise, then i saw what? NO SIGN OF JYNX. this, we called MIA, missing in action --" i dont know where they at so i just sat there, alone..*juuuust kidding, when the hell am i alone jua (; haha, im alone in the bathroom, duuh :P haha. soo yeah, i sat there with my classmates. while waiting for them, urghh. i saw ann's car, nb's and sai's but what? NO THEM, AT ALL. aren't we suppose to meet up today? oooh maaa dayuuuumm. so yeah, whatevs ann, nb and sai. you made me wait but what? you gave me shit. hahaha. and FORTUNATELY, miming came. haha, with her sleepy face, nahh. not sleepy, but thats what her face always look like. in a beautiful way. heheh. soo, me and miming pergi cari mereka mereka ni lah. dui, nada. --" soo, we decided to hang around at Jynx Cyber. yknow where that is, right? (: soo yeah, we went there and met our winner for the Jynx Award :D Sir Joe and Teacher Evelin :D all were smiling gracefully today, mahn. :D soo, me and miming kana bagi this kunci for the cyber room :D yeah, we hang and miming buat her twitter while i, posting this beautiful crap on blog. but what the hell right? (: so yes, goodbye from Jynx News.

LOVE, Fidelis. xx

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