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Monday, 20 July 2009

be specific,selfish!

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's got the most inflated ego of them all?
Thinks he can make the booty pop
Thinks he is so loveable
Thinks he is the perfect man,that i should never let go
and that's why I let him go

I think him,mirror
Isn't it
Oh that's right,my very sexy girl

The first thing he wants in the morning aint you
its all about him in the morning baby
you got a boy like i had,using you

let me help you to understand which is sexy and which is not
you choose a un-sexy girl which is nerd and oldschool
the way she uses the necklace,the way she wears LV scarf
ugh,so old
Girl,if you were inside his head
you would hear this!

you gotta love me,bitch
I want everybody thinking that I got something they don't have

He handled me like a door-handle
hate to admit the door isn't so smooth
because your door-handle isn't that so smooth like me
then after you take the oil,and spill it out on me
this make my mind more to let you go

you flipped your paper on my face
you thought that my face like a desk
you gotta change your brain with michael jackson's brain

you know,i was a grand prize that everybody hardly to chase
said goodbye cause the winner is not you!

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