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Monday, 20 July 2009

live with sawan bini

I'm in the place
with sawan bini
lock away
there's no where in this space
everything that i've known
had been sawan by her

is it a fiction of my imagination
or could i be losing my mind
this illusion has got me in a situation sawan
i'm feeling like im trap in time

this just can't be a guy fight
or wwf fight
feels like im surviving my life from sawan bini
tearing my brain into pieces!

this just can't be a big fight
or could i slap her
there is no more trust
you can't ignore me anymore
cause this space only for us

im happy cause i slap her
im happy cause i can cut her hand
im happy cause i can take her brain
so please,get out from his sight,i mean it!
sawan shit!

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