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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Big Loser

Hey big boy
U aint got nothing on me
Hey Jynxies (yeah)
Lets go

When u look at someone too much u look like a sick pervert
Ill steal both of your eyes n spill them in my butt
Wanna flow with me? I can do that (u cant)
Wanna dance with me? U cant do that (i can)
Dont mistake me 2 b the same as other girls who pick u just cuz ur big NO
Who am i im the 1 who likes rain (do u like rain? I dont think so)

Ur gonna pay ($7, 777,777.77) 4 seeing me as easy just cuz im olda
I could easily take away ur heart in a mo like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Now a bit more truthfully pls stop ur bulltaie
Time is factor boy i aint gonna make u mine even when its raining NO

We have 2 hurry whos going 2 give up is it u o me
I rather itd b u cuz i aint givin up by accepting u in 7 millions times
Wake up ive won the lady gaga love game now gimme my fererro rocher

Ey big boy ur lacking something
U aint got no charm ur just big
So boy u must chaain yo attitude

Now throw ur hands in the ayer
Wave em like ur tryin 2 catch the rain
Now throw ur hands in the ayer
N wave em like ur trying 2 catch sayoh

Confidence may be good n u have it
But its embarrasing where ur lame
Pls show me some strong attitude
I like astro boy micky type

Its not enough 2 me 4 u 2 b buffy n tall
Thats right the 1 i need is a black knight my type n it aint u

Outside ur a so called tough boy
But 8 home ur a broke mamas boy

Ur just big
Dont just rely on ur bigness 2 steal a girls heart
Ur not 4 me im not 4 u
Fererro rochers 4 me n its not 4 u

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