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Sunday, 29 May 2011

SORRY fans. :p Part 2.

soooo, good morning people! Fidelis is back with you again, posting and updating this blog. :D

sooo, i forgot that there's a lo-hoooooootttt of stuff that you guys missed.
Photo's below took place in my crib ofcourse, which them Jynx called that day as " Jynx's Slumber Party at Najibah's " haha wtf. enjoy!

I just upload the best photos btw, all of them mostly are US and are almost the SAME poses. hahaha.

NOW! below are the photos that we took at Daisy's crib. Known as "Badminton's Day + Girl's Day!" again, enjoy! :D

P.S : the girl with the purple shirt = daisy's neighbour :D

This is..well uhh, I'm taking a picture with Sai's driver, Amir, he got the sexiest belly! :P

And lastly, here we are, enjoying the night. ;)

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