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Saturday, 28 May 2011

SORRY fans :p Part 1.

hi hello hi! sorry about us, lately we're so busy with school work, crazy huge exam months and so. but hey, we also miss you guys! :D hahaha.

so, lately, we go on with our own separate ways. sooooooooo long with no updates. im gonna update it like...NOW!

Sai, Ann, Daisy and Ummi are now officially the students of PTEM, lower 6 form.
NB is now the student of PTEK, which months before that, im proudly saying this out loud, she's in the newspaper for CIPTA which, our middle school, SMSSA, joined. and she won the first price for designing and making the best solar thing ever! :p guess whats the first price was? a phone? nope. a laptop? nope. a car? too far. youre wrong! its......MONEY :p its not just any money, she won $3000! thats why im proud! :D she treat us with kolomee, which us JYNX, called it as 'kolmi'. its simply, magnificently delicious :O you guys should try one someday.
sooo anyway, Bom and Miming are still in SMSSA, we are soo proud of them and we wish them the best from beyond our tiny little hearts. ;)

sooo, what you guys missed are :
1. Sai is getting fabulous ;)
2. NB is getting taller! i cant believe it :O
3. Miming is getting quieter and whiter each day.
4. Ann's got a boyfriend! HAHAHA and its with her own bestfriend, Afiq Ramlan. :D
5. Bom is getting fatter and cuter at the same time :P
6. Daisy has been missing her boyfriend since, forever. --"
7. Ummi, she's in her 'growing up process'. :D

its been months since the 7 of us gathered altogether. fyi, we gathered this month! i dont have all the pictures, but here's some of it. enjoy :D

the picture above was when we're eating the 'kolmi' but we took our photos without it --"

anywayy, below will be the photos when we really really gathered after months of not seeing the 7 of us altogether, again, enjoy!

hooookay, im tired of uploading :p im gonna head to sleep now, gonna continue updating later, or tomorrow, or the day after...you never know! mwahahahahah *mysterious face* wtf. okay, see you guys around! sleepwell humans! <3

lotsa love, Fidelis.

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