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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


hahahaha. marah ku ni marah, pasal nobody told me to go to school on what? 24th kah? which, that is, today. which, just now, i just saw a few pictures from miming's page on facebook that, Sam, which is our chinese friend, hahahaha. holla dude if youre reading this. soooooo, yeah nada durang gtau aku to go to school or such which selalunya the other jynxies will text me up and say, 'sekolah isuk' or things like that. ani nada wah :( but whatever, i just saw these vain pictures of our beloved teachers, and i laughed my ass off when i looked at it, i mean..seriously? they're pouting?! ahahahahaha just look at it, okay? i loved it :p

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