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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jynx code

We are all familiar with the Bro Code, from Barney Stinson, Chick code, from err someone that i can't mention the name because i don't know whos writing that code. Barney stinson even wrote an entire book on the subject, with rules such as 1/ Bros before hoes. Someone who wrote the chick code also wrote the rules such as 1/ Chick before bitch, oops wrong. I mean 1/ Chick before dicks. Guys and girls have rules when they go out... but YEAH, WHAT'S THE CODE FOR JYNX? we jynx need code.

The JYNX code

1/ Jynx before stinks. It doesn't matter how stinks we are. We are jynx. We don't care what people say, but we do care what people do at us. Never leave one of the jynx behind!

2/ Share your things with the other members even though you know that thing should not be shared with people.

3/ Never give a hope to the other members ;)

4/ If you get 7 tickets to a big concert, the priority list for granting the other tickets are as follows:
1. Sai
2. NB
3. Mirah
4. Ann
5. Jibah
6. Desi
7. Ummi
.............7,777,777. your boyfriend

5/ You are allowed to watch one DVD by yourself. More than that, should be watch with the other members.

6/ If you owe money to other members, you should be cool with it because Jynx ain't a banker. Unless the one you owe money take POA.

7/ Jynx before stinks. I know, i already used it. I can't stress it enough, though. But, we always take shower, obviously.

8/ Jynx don't pee alone especially the second-NB. EVER. If one of the jynx pee alone, there's must be something wrong.

9/ It doesn't matter if she's had 10 burgers in one day.. Jynx never look fat, because we are jynx.

10/ If one of the jynx cannot go out, the other jynx must:
1. Ask why.
2. Ask why - with details.
3. Ask why - with questions in it.
4. Should say, 'don't worry, in this life there's always be next time'
5. be sad.

11/ Jynx should not sing and dance at the same time because we don't play both, we only play single, double, triple, straight, royal flush and so on.

12/ One of the Jynx should not watch KEEPING WITH THE KARDASHIANS alone. Should tell the others also especially the seventh-Ummi.

13/ Jynx, sometimes, should lie about the situation if the situation is kinda bitchy. Unless, the situation is being okay.

14/ Jynx should not swing arms when running.

15/ Jynx should not speak more that 7 languages.

16/ Jynx should not wear scarf and jacket at the same time because we ain't livin' in a cold country.

17/ Jynx should wear high heels.

18/ No jynx should make a kissing-ewwish-bitchy face in a photo. UNLESS, we are photo-modeling.

19/ One of the jynx should never talk with other people when peeing in the toilet unless with jynx.

20/ Jynx should share umbrella but in one umbrella.

21/ Jynx should never ever wear crocs with crocodile on it even though it costs thousands thousands.

to be continued...

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