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Friday, 23 April 2010


hello people. its been so long, we have been busy. sorry didnt post anything lately. so here, you may guess who wrote this page ;p because this is my freaking-but-incredibly first time ever i've written in our blog. -.- HAHA, yes, its because i didnt know whats actually our email and password to the blog and blahblah, i know you didnt care :D
So, since we've time now, let us share something!
Yesterday, 22nd of April, we are having our school's Sport Day di Padang Kebajikan :D as you all know, our school divided into 4 sporthouses; Awang Semaun, Awang Jerambak, Pateh Berbai and Awang Alak Betatar.
Talknig about Sport Day, some of Jynx was sporting enough to join it.
as usual, Miming and Ann joined. a big surprise happened this year when Ummi, NB and Daisy joined too. Sai and Bom had a problem with Sports Day that havent been settled, so they didnt joined anything.
and a big congratulations to Ann, who is chosed to be the assistant of Awang Jerambak :DD who the other chosen assistant was Farah and Husna. but then, Awang Jerambak clapped their asses off and chose Ann instead! and also, cheers to Bom. she was chosed to be the assistant of Awang semaun :DD who the other chosen assistant was Amal Nazurah. and yes, Awang Semaun too, did banged their heads off and chose Bom! :DD
Yes, Jynx did won medals and such. *when did they not? ;)
Bom and Sai supported Jynx and such, it was a hot day yesterday. who cares, yesterday was FUCKING FUN! :D
and err, Jynx has lovebirds~ NB and Munim are still together, happily. :D Ann and Hafiz are getting..HAHA :D Bom and Ainul are still together too :D Daisy and Ajrul, yes? and Ummi is with Rafi, aww. HAHA :p
Jynx here wanted to congratulate Arifah and Kin who are a couple now :D

okay, enough with the moment -.-

Tomorrow, (24th April 2010).

*Yes, we are having our mid year exams tomorrow. which sucks ): and im sure students out there are yawning, whining that they're not ready which is true -.-

well, will post another news soon. :D

singan sini saja, goodluck to the peeps who are having the exams!

*spreading Jynx's loves! :D

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