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Friday, 23 April 2010

and something.

hello again! :D something from the Sport Day.

keseluruhan Sport Day something something, our sporthouse final decision of position was here. :D

1. Awang Jerambak, because of the marching and durang punya medals banyak plus, the athletes are more in Awang Jerambak.

2. Awand Semaun, medals and such, marching entah number berapakah, and the athletes in Awang Semaun, duii. NADA BANYAK -.-

3. Pateh Berbai. *Sai was in this sporthouse tapi ia nada dangan kan, since durang NB, Ann, Daisy and Ummi di Awang Jerambak, si Sai setia arah si Bom, iatah ia ikut Awang Semaun sahaja. :D

4. Awang Alak Betatar. :D

*To our juniors, seniors and teachers;
Juniors, ikut wah events in school, siuk kali ahh, jangan ikut jejak si Sai and Bom :D
Seniors, keep in joining the events. :D yang inda pernah atu, ikut saja. maybe if it is your last year, and the next year regret inda ikut any events in SMSSA, payah saja :D
Teachers, keep on rocking the school, jangantah marah marah ah. tehehe :D

that maybe all, thanks for reading!

Love, Jynx. <3

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