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Saturday, 12 December 2009

To: Si Miming, From: Si Tua

Assalamu'alaikum and hi Ming, this is me and my weird way to wish you a Happy Birthday. Please enjoy it, and have a great day. :)

Here goes..
Everytime I call you, you tak answer

I expect you to explain, but you tak kate ape-ape

Well takpe lah, 'cause I will still love you forever

Even if you hurt me again & again, it still doesn't matter

However, you mesti tau apa yang I rase

Today's your hari jadi, I will pretend that it doesn't happen

So that's why, I will not greet you or give you any present

Padahal, in my heart, I know that you're the birthday girl

The birthday girl that I will ingat forever and ever.. ;)

Like you always~ ♥ *wink wink* :p

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