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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Vuraiteez Jeenx - Run This School lyrics

[Vuraiteez Jeenx]
Seven Ceillings
We gonna run this school tonight
All right now

Teachers we are
So ready for the war
It's students versus teach-ar
Don't chu get in your car
Even if you in your car
You won't be goin' that far
'Cause we be stoppin' you then hit you with our guitar
Them teachers, unconscious, like muthafuckin' rotten choco bars
Put them in the jar, full of cheddar
Fuck with us wrong, you be waking up at the graveyard
Man we act a ass, treat the teachers like stupid arse
Man we gotta do it, so we can run this school and be the school's darl
Uh, trust us to do this job 'cause we ain't giving out SARS
Now teachers gone, time for this school to have a new boss, new stars
Jynx in the house, we make you live in Mars
Yup that's right no oxygen, you dying, we give you CPR
'Cause we catch your breath, we like your superstars

Okay 'till here, I'm out
It's almost midnight, mama just gave me a shout
Gotta go, gotta sleep
Jynxies, help me count my sheep

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