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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Preparing Gifts For Sir Reizal (5th September 2009)

As you can see, this was supposed to be posted on the 5th. But we had to postpone it due to our uhh.. laziness.

Took a few pics that day(okay maybe not so few) and that day it was all about preparing gifts for Sir 'Gorgeous' Reizal. No it wasn't for his 'birth'day.. It was for his 'departure to UK'day(which was yesterday).

Please enjoy looking through the pictures below.

NB and Miming doing their works while Ann just sit back and stare.

Because si Ann siap udah krajanya! This card is a gift from Ann for Sir Reizal(dog at the top is Sir while dogs/cats at the bottom are us). I know, right? Ann and her cute imagination..

So when the three girls keep doing what they're doing..

Suddenly BOOM! Came in Bom, Dezy & Ummi.

So we're all together now..

Poor Bom, she was a lil' sick at the time.

*sigh* Still not finished. See? This is what happened when you do it at the last-minute!

But at least SOME of us were having a great time..

STOP!! It's time to see how far Miming's work went.

Oh yes, so far so good? So far so good.

Back to the shooting..

WAIT!! Miming just asked if she could join the shooting too. Of course, girl.. Go on and pose!

FINALLY, the grand finale!!

Sir Reizal masa atu entah ke mana so kami ampai ja hadiah atu atas mijanya.

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