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Friday, 11 September 2009

Maybe this can be our seven-wishes-do-come-true *fake*

1/ Wake up early
2/ Having a suicide
3/ Having a breakfast
4/ Freedom
5/ Be a nice daughter
6/ Admit that she's Mr. Yeoh's No.1 Student
7/ A-Maths Top Student

1/ Free from Craze
2/ Be a loyal to Munim
3/ Happy end
4/ Got N97 Mobile
5/ Comfort
6/ Be a sweet daughter
7/ Chemistry Top Student

1/ Free from Mr. Yeoh's Hell
2/ No Maths
3/ Got a big eyes
4/ Happy
5/ Be a daughter
6/ Be a good girl
7/ Economics Top Student

1/ Free from B.M's ghosts
2/ No complicated status
3/ Having a Korean-Obsessive schedule
4/ No dreams come true
5/ Be an unbelievable daughter that make her parents WOW!
6/ Be nice
7/ B.M's Top Student

1/ Ainul's No.1 partner life
2/ Slap Mazdaclub Guymoon with her new pan
3/ Kiss her new car,not mazda
4/ Be a loyal forever
5/ A precious daughter
6/ Top sweet-escaper
7/ Combined-Science Top Student

1/ Ajrul does make her mind goes on trip
2/ 'Cemna kn tu ahh' is her trademark
3/ Be an adorable student
4/ A good girl
5/ Shidix Gang
6/ A futurist veterinarian or hair-stylist
7/ Geography Top Student

1/ Penunggu Lailatul Qadar =D
2/ Doctor's Mind
3/ Be a Neurological Doctor
4/ A pretty much daughter
5/ Fadhil's No.1 Fans
6/ No Hopes
7/ Biology Top Student

We the jynx,may be a 'Penunggu Lailatul Qadar'

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