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Thursday, 13 August 2009

SJ News Update ; Super Junior Self-Obsessed.

During the MBC 'Now Its Time For Pretty Boy Generation' show, Super Junior Lee Dong Hae had announced that he was the number one hottest not only among his members but in the whole SM Entertainment.

Despite his self-obsessed attitude, Dong Hae appeared to be shy when he is asked to do a duet with his hoobae (junior) from SHINee, Jong Hyun.
check out the video:

Super Junior Lee Sung Min also said that he can be caterigorized as the top 5 hottest in SJ. According to him, he thinks he is much more hotter than fellow member, Choi Si Won.

"Sung Min, you are hotter than Siwon. But i am the hottest in SM." says Dong Hae when asked to do a shoutout.

credits: (L)3S from SM >> SHINee SUPER SHINKI <<

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