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Thursday, 13 August 2009

SJ News Update ; Siwon's Weirdness.

In the latest sukira segment, Super Junior Lee Teuk tells a story of how Super Junior Choi Si Won goes to the Han River at 2AM in the morning (Siwon's house is in Seoul, so he doesn't lives in apartment just like the other members).

Siwon ride on a bike to the Han River and called Lee Teuk to come and bring his car. At that moment, it was raining and Siwon bragged that he is very macho because he is using a bike although it is raining hard.

When he saw a car that looks like Lee Teuk's, he eventually screamed and said "hyung, get out faster!" while doing a what-he-thinks-so-cool dance movement. Because he thinks his dancing is not enough, he keeps on dancing and dancing and everytime he dance, his movement gets more weirder and weirder.

After a while he started to get suspicious as to why Lee Teuk is not coming out of his car. So, he knocked on the car's window and put his madface on so that to scared Lee Teuk. But unfortunately for him, it wasn't Lee Teuk that is in the car the whole time. It was a lady that he assumed a fangirl because when she open the window, she screams right infront of Siwon's face. Because he does not know what to do, he just ran leaving his bike behind.

credits: tjdus@sj-world.net.

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