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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nomination for 2009.

Most Sexiest group 2009 : Jynx, 2pm, Suju
Most hottest man: sidix, sahash, sam
Most cutest man: sidix, sagar, aiman
Most Lamest class: 4sci1, 3P, 9M
Most hottest girl: sai, gbah, siti
Most cutest girl: jubaidah, darsih, suratmi
Most Beautiful girl: alai memalau, lady gaga, kamilah
Most Puklinnah person: Pinkish, devilzz, pwencezz gwelz
Wannabe: Rihanna, sawan, Jubaidah
Hottest Video: Its You, Benang Biru, Cupcake 9
Most Famous Cupcake: Mizz Cupcakezz, Hjh Damit dan anak anak, Hj Pungut dan pengemis pengemisnya
Most Richest in the world: Yeoh, Yeah, Yay
Most Poorest in the world: Kesian, gembel, memungut bin krajanya ganya
Most Sawanast in the world: Sawan Bini, Sawan bin Singit, sawan overdos
Most Highest Disease: Cancer, H1N1, Stroke
Most biggest fans: raihan, wawi, sidix
Most peniduran urgnya: sidix ganya yang mendaptar
Most yummy recipe: Cupcakezz, Pizza with Mushroom topping, lasagna
Most kurang rambut: ajrul, Zadyat, Yeoh
Body builder: Rafi, Munim, Sam
Most attending training: sahash, sagar, sindum
Most Happiest group: Jynx, Jyn, Jy Nx
Most Famous Words: 'We're plastic but we still have fun', 'i love you', 'mali'

Please select your favourite and please follow this step first
1/ REG 2009
3/ send to 1234567

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