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Friday, 3 July 2009


Cerita ani diambil dari TSGS. Enjoy..

When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather thought of finding someone to fill the "emptiness" in his heart.
His children, my uncles and aunts, were completely against the idea. You see, they really didn't mind he he made the right choice of a bride but grandfather was intent on taking a pontianak to wife!
He didn't listen to the protests of his children. All that was on his mind was finding a beautiful wife, even if she was a pontianak. So one Thursday night, he went to the cemetery by himself. He summoned the pontianak. My grandfather was Boyanese and Boyanese have special supernatural powers.
A strong flowery scent filled the air and he knew that his "dream woman" had been sent to him. She started giggling while looking straight at him from on top of a tree.
"Aku nak kau jadi isteri ku," he said.
The pontianak laughed and agreed but told him that there was one condition.
When asked what it was, she replied, "I want your new-born granddaughter to follow in my footsteps and become a pontianak."
And you know what? That new-born granddaughter happened to be me!
Fortunately my grandfather loved me too much and his head ruled over his heart, even though she was hauntingly beautiful.
"No, thank you," he said politely.
Everyone knew that he was disappointed that he couldn't find a pontianak bride to satiate his loneliness. But he slowly got over it. However, he still hopes to find a pontianak bride.

-The End-

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