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Friday, 3 July 2009


Okay y'all.. Get ready for our first ghost story. And puh-lease ah, ghost stories yang akan dipost selepas ani bukan cerita buat-buatan.. Kerana sesungguhnya cerita-cerita atu dipetik dari buku TSGS (True Singapore Ghost Stories) Series. And kerja saya disini adalah untuk sharing sama kamu. Okay? Okay. *sharing IS caring*

Here goes and hope you enjoy it..

Some time ago, my family moved into a resale flat in Bedok South. From the moment I stepped into it, I had a feeling there was something strange about the place.
I didn't believe there were such things as ghosts then because I had never met one. I didn't tell my parents or my elder sister about the strange feeling because I didn't wish to upset them.
That night, while we were all watching TV, I saw a young girl in school uniform sitting on the sette beside my sister. I had never seen her before. It was a mystery how she got into our flat. She was about 17, the same age as myself and quite pretty.
I felt cold all of a sudden. My sister didn't seem to notice the girl at all, neither did my parents who were sitting opposite my sister. I saw the girl get up and go to the front door-and disappear through it!
I said nothing about what I had seen. But a few nights later, while we were having dinner, we heard the front doorbell ring. My sister went to see who it was. She half-opened the door... and I saw the same girl whom I had seen watching TV, standing outside-in her school uniform!
I felt every hair on my body stand. I realized I was looking at a ghost! Apparently, my sister couldn't see her, so she closed the door and returned to the dining table.
"Nobody there! Must be one of those young hooligans, playing the fool," she said.
That night, while we were watching TV, I saw the girl sitting beside my sister again. She was smiling at me!
After some time, she disappeared. I was very fearful that she would visit me later in my bedroom! She probably did but I didn't see her because I had covered my head and body with the bedsheet!
After a restless night, I told my family everything I had seen since we moved into the flat.
My mother called in a temple medium. He went into a trance and said the spirit was that of a girl who had committed suicide by jumping from the corridor right in front of our main door!
My mother made some enquiries and our neighbour confirmed the story. It had happened some years before. The girl had ended her life because of a broken love affair.
The medium said the reason the girl was trying to be friendly towards me was because she was lonely! My blood froze when I heard that!
For three nights the medium prayed and made offerings to the girl's spirit. After that, I never saw her again.
May her spirit rest in peace.

-The End-

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