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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Jynx & Friends' Imaginary Comic

Monday, 7:07pm, Jynx Pet Shop.
Customer Bashirah: Hi. How much does this cat cost?
Salesgirl Bom: $7.77. You're buying it?
Customer Bashirah: Yeah, the sign there says that this cat is really good for mice. It's true, right?
Salesgirl Bom: So true. Your house full of mice?
Customer Bashirah: Yup. Okay here's the money, thanks! Bye!
Salesgirl Bom: Bye.

Thursday, 7:07pm, Jynx Pet Shop.
Customer Bashirah: Hey, I want a refund!
Salesgirl Bom: Why?
Customer Bashirah: When I bought this cat a few days ago, you told me it was good for mice. It didn't even go near them!
Salesgirl Bom: Well, isn't that good for mice?

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