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Friday, 17 July 2009

aku inda peduli tapi inda ku sanggup.

Hey playboy!
Are you gonna play the boy?
And your times is up,boy
I had to do this for jynx
sometimes you gotta act like Angelina Jolie
That's the only way you boys learn

I can't forgive you for that lipstick on your face
Everyday,your phone's always mailbox
It doesn't seem like you're going to change?!

All those girlfriends you call "cousin"
Don't think of me in the same way,I won't let it bye
From now on,do as you want,I'm going to stop caring
For some time I really loved you but
sometimes you get drunk,and call me,now it's 5.37 am
again you say another girl's name,NO!

I don't care,I'll stop caring about what you're doing wherever you are
From now on I really missed you,I'll try to stop this
but I can't,From now on don't come to me and cry,and cling on
cause I have to do this! Oh I can't,baby! This is difficult!
Do you like rain?

Stealing glances at other girl's legs
Can't you see my legs is very sexy than that girl!
You're so hopeless!
Everyday you take off your engagement ring,and secretly go on a deaf date
I don't think that I'll be able to take it anymore!

My friends say that you're not really worth it
You even went to your pony-like friends for advice but
I'd rather keep it simple,I'm too sexy for you
I believed you were my true love but

Today you said were busy,I keep waiting you at this place
I tried to phoning you but as expected,in the background
I heard your mother shouted at you,I laughed about that!

Because of you,I remember crying till dawn boy
I regret everytime I think about you when my heart
was too easy,huh boy?
I'm too good to throw away and too boring to have
You should've treated me better when we were together

You fooled me with you lies hundreds of times
From today on,I'll be a bad girl who makes guys cry and being annoyed!
Now without a single tear,I'll laugh at you
Loser who's inside the game called love
Get on your knees and take me back

Picked from a song.

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