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Sunday, 26 May 2013



Hey guys,. its been so long. My intro is gettin rusty. Dont mind that. First of all,  here's few quickie about us. In case some of you forgot  or go.... "hey what in the world is JYNX mean?"  or someone would say ' You kiddin me...i dont know what you girls are talking about..im outta here' . So to avoid this situation to occur.. lemme refresh your mind with our flaming sexiness that flames through your veins...and okay i should stop.

There are 7 of us. not more or less. A group of best friend since 2007. Here in this BLOG, where we share our thoughts and moments. Without we even realize it, time passes by so fast isn't it? We started this blog as young teenager and now  in a blink of an eye...some of us reaching to 20's. Yeay us!

Member of the group:
                                                            -Sai , The first 
                                                            -NB, The Second
                                                            -Myra, The Third
                                                            -Ann, The Forth
                                                            -Bom, The Fifth
                                                            -Daisy, The Sixth
                                                            -Rina, The Seventh

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