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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nicki Minaj

I love this 'Young Money Queen', really. She's a beast when it comes to rapping but this outfit she has on REALLY bothers me. I mean, wearing your inside OUTSIDE is really not the way to go. Haha. And, I seriously don't want her to officially be called, 'Hip Hop Version of Lady Gaga'. Nu-uh, no way. I hate Lady Gaga. So note to Nicki, PLEASE stop wearing these kinda clothings! :( But nevertheless, I will always love you. :) Not as much as I love Jynx of course, which is as high as the sky above(and beyond to the outer space) and as deep as the ocean in this world(and beyond to the core of this earth). I FUCKING MISS YOU JYNX.

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