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Friday, 5 February 2010

23rd Jan - Dikir Final Di SMSUAK

We may not have won the 1st place. Or the 2nd, or 3rd.. and even 4th. But trust us! We did win the attention from zi boys.. :p Oh, the narcissity~

As we were taking and taking more photos.. Suddenly there was a ball of white light trying to interrupt Ummi. And NB was there to save her.

Daisy: Eh Baby Boo, apa kan tu arah kepala you ah??

Ummi: Eh awu eh apakan ni..?? Annoying eh! Help! Someone! Getitoff getitoff!

NB: Remain calm Ummi! I'll destroy it for you!

NB: Yahh!! Apa rasanya?! Feel the power of NB! Mm-hmm, ain't nobody mess around with Jynxies!

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