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Monday, 28 December 2009

Holiday with SUPER JUNIOR 5.6.7

After all hard work of searching, we finally FOUND THE JYNX.

unfortunately., there are just THREE of them.

argh! so fucked up. so yeah whatever, better than inda ada kan.

wellwellwell,what we have here.
Rina and Siwon!
aww how SWEET~
this picture was taken in PARIS

ya know~ combination of JEE and kiBUM.
yeah yeah, i know, pretty cool isn't it. LOL :D
taken in Barcelona.

aaww~ look cute together.
hmm ya know, Daisy and Sungmin
this is the picture while they was about to attend Kat Deluna's Birthday partay~

...in a gigantic YATCH which sail to Atlantic.

5 down, 2 more to go.
the FIRST and the SECOND. come out,come out now.

PAPPARAZI aint gonna bite ya!

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