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Saturday, 28 November 2009

On the Last Day(s) of School 2009

Date: 25th November 2009

Hari ini adalah hari keberangkatan bagi student-student ke bilik kelas baru masing-masing untuk tahun 2010. Jugak hari ini ada Kempen Kebersihan.

Ummi, our Sweety Baby.

Ming, our Sleepy Baby.

Daisy, our Skinny Baby.

NB, our Cutey Baby.

Sweety Baby tryin' to lighten up the mood when Sleepy Baby(left) and Skinny Baby(right) were feeling upset by Mummy Baby(Bom, not in the pic)'s story.

Sleepy Baby during Cleaning Campaign(I'm proud because she's not looking sleepy at this time).

Okay that's all for the 25th.

Up next: 26th November 2009, Talent Show day.

Before Talent Show:

Cutey Baby, topped with a pink, mini towel given by Sheety Baby(Sai) posing while waiting for Heighty Baby(Ann) to appear on the stage as a host for the Talent Show together with the other two host; Rawi and Najib.

During Talent Show:

[no photos]
Mummy Baby and Sleepy Baby sang for the Talent Show(but not in the same group).

Mummy Baby sang Too Close For Comfort and Sleepy Baby sang Crushcrushcrush. Both songs are performed acoustic.

Cutey Baby and Sheety Baby were of course, only watching and it's very unfortunate where Sweety and Skinny Baby were absent.

After Talent Show:

Sleepy Baby and Heighty Baby in the toilet.

Mummy Baby in the toilet.

Okay that's all, folks.


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