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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Oh SHIT, My Bad!

Four of our November posts have been deleted. By accident. And when I said 'accident', I meant by doing it not on purpose. Okay? Okay.

Anyway, babies, I've dreamed about my cousin being a murderer and she killed her own mom. Ish ish ish.. What a dream. Apa apa apa?? Kan sharing pun inda bulihkah? EHHHHHHH.

Wait, I've got another weird dream and it's about us being haunted by a ghost called, 'Hantu London'. I know, the name makes y'all go, "What the FUUUCK??" And yang calinya(inda pulang cali), antu atu inda batah jadi Joker. Joker mana? Joker yang dari cerita Batman ahh. Wait, 'Joker' kah namanya? Eh entah eh. What a joke. APAKAN..

Bah, Assalamu'alaikum and may all things go well dan sukses hari ini. Especially for ♥Ann♥. Amin~

And untuk ♥Ummi♥, I may not be at school today but I'm still hoping that you already got that Super Glue I needed. 'Cause my kek roll's life is on stake because of YOU.

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