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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shame on YOU!

Somebody trying to take a big risk on JYNX!
Nobody gonna help him if he makes JYNX angry!
Shame,shame,shame on YOU
Shame,shame,shame on HIM
No gangster,steady be yourself
White face,clariderm on face
Be shame on yourself
Taking a big risk on HER facebook,huh?
Break HER heart means a big risk
Ah,who are you? Spelling our name,JYNX,
with xxxx on it
are you POKLEN???
Joe perry,oh,Mr. Style
Some kind of killer bee
Buzz on us!
You said that 'I'm gonna make a good shelter for HER'
Something words like that
Ai,she's cool,quiet but she's ANGRY!
Eenbie,Aww,yesterday she went to you,
But your face like an IDIOT,Like a chicken that haven't been fertilise by other chicken!
Ming ming,her eyes are sleepy but her heart is not SLEEPY
Ann,oh god! she knows what's good and BAD for jynx!
Gbom,she's like not care about this case,BUT she's so angry about you
Daisy,she's crying for you BUT please don't be so happy
Akhrin,she's not angry at this time but she's gonna find who's wrong and NOT
Seven or eleven
Seven is being angry at you
A liar is a good name for you
Am I in cinema theatre?
Saw a couple fighting 'cause
a not-logic-reason comes out
from HIS mouth
Or Am I in Miami?
Saw a horny-very-boy throwing
a GIRL??

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