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Monday, 5 October 2009

News At 7(episode 12); The Disappearance

"Miming, are you crazy?! You don't have to explain it LOUD and CLEAR. Someone could hear you!" scolded Ex-Lawyer NB through the phone.

"Oops!" exclaimed the translator as she looked around to see if anyone other than them heard her. "I'm sorr- Wait, who was that?"

"It's NB." Nurse Daisy told her. "Wow NB, you have sharp ears.."

Ex-Lawyer NB didn't reply anything. But the six knew very well that she was smiling by herself right now, proud that she was being praised. Pfft.

"Anyway NB, where ARE you right now?" Lawyer Bom asked. "Don't tell me you're still with that boy.."

"Nope. I'm all alone.. Drinking coffee at the cafe not far away from home."

"Oh, NB can you do me a favour?" Officer Ann suddenly asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

"What is it? Be quick, I ain't got no time. I had to get back to the court."

"This just takes a few mins!" Officer Ann exclaimed. "Can you stop by the house, please? And take my jacket with you? It's gettin' chilly here.."

Ex-Lawyer NB sighed and said, "okay, okay.."

The officer thanked her then hung up.

The girls then remained silent for a while. Until Doctor Sai broke the ice by saying, "um. Bom?"

"I think the people and the bottles here are waiting for your next announcement.."
"Ugh. What kind of announcement NOW..?"
"Oh I dunno, maybe the one that tells them to get their asses up and get the hell out of here??"
"Oh, right."

As the lawyer started to front, Translator Myra asked her if she was wearing the uniform.

"What? HELL no." answered the lawyer.

"Yes!" Translator Myra yelled happily as she started to wear the lawyer's uniform. "I've always wanted to try on this thing!"

When Lawyer Bom got to the podium, she stared at the staring crowd with annoyance.

"You guys still babies?!" she asked, making the crowd blinked.

"Do I have to tell you what to do?!" she continued. "Huh??!"

The crowd blinked again.

"Do you still not get it?! Sheesh.."

Meanwhile, Ex-Lawyer NB called Officer Ann.

Ann: Yeah?
NB: ANN! He's gone, I couldn't find him!!
Ann: Who, my jacket?
NB: NO! Since when's your jacket's a 'he' anyway?
Ann: Well, then, who the heck are you talkin' about?!
NB: HIM, as in MR. YEOH, as in the lawyer we supposed to lock inside the store but somehow managed to escape??
Ann: *silence*
NB: *silence*
Ann: That's not good..

-to be continued-

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