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Sunday, 11 October 2009

my first rap :)

If I come up to your face and say ‘whassup’,
So boy don’t you try to run away and hide,
Cuz I’ve got a good grip on your wrist,

To follow up to here, I’ll ask you why
So boy, please don’t look away and don’t be shy,
But look into my eyes and tell me why,
Audience at the cafe is now looking at me and you,
Spotlight’s on us baby, but I can see that your eyes are full of guilt, that’s true.
From the sight of the audience, you look cool, calm, chill. . . NOT!
While I’m standing in front of you lookin’ like an idiot.

Again and again I asked you ‘why baby why?’
I'm tired of being like this, and we all know you deserve the title ‘lelaki gila baie’
All you did was just NOT looking into my eyes and said ‘there’s no reason why hunn’
Even though I majal betanya, U still majal jua sayin ‘there’s no reason why hunn’
Even though u majal suruh I jalan sama kawan, I majal jua betanya ‘why baby why?’

Finally you said ‘I’ll tell you on TWITTER’
Then I walked away with your paper,
It’s not my dream is to be a rapper,
You remember me? I like to play love games,
I’m one of Jynx’s members, and it’s my face on the frame.

Now everybody wanna know,
That the boy named *censored*, well what he up to,
his status on TWITTER is ‘IN A RELATIONSHIP’ but he’s such a gay latelay,
My height is above his today,

Yeah I’m sayin ‘baby I’m back’
So boy, you better watch your back,
Because karma is everywhere,
And everywhere is karma. haha apaan

I’m your ex hunn,
And when I was with you, I had so much fun,
Beat that, my alai NB wa to in your face pow
Demanding for your reason now,
Now take that we the leaders of Jynx international school,
How you love that?

We walk with confidence; our future is bright
Let you bring us down like bitches?
There’s no way man.
Cari pasal pat kami tujuh?
U makin’ a big mistake boy.
Pasal kami inda mau kalah ni bui,

We we we da we da leaders,
You ain't in the game, you just cheerleerders
My age is fourteen, name starts with D
Aku suka lagu gee baby by gee generation or SNSD,
Aku dangar lagu atu tiap- tiap hari. . . inda pulang
And aneep, apa lagi? Balas ta ya note ku ani ;)

I'm flipping and freaking it
Like I have no manners
so, be mad at me all you want,
I’m on some major league shit
So you just gotta stop hatin' and step your game up.

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