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Friday, 2 October 2009

2nd October 2009 - The special day for Ai

Scene 1
at the *sensored* bakery
Eenbie: NO! I don't want this design,you stupid baker!
Ann: relax een,be calm.
Ming ming: eenbie,sbr bh
daisy: ugh, this *sensored* bakery is so stupid!
Gbom: atu ya,si KJ 3915 pnya kdai pakah eh!
Akhrin: SUCKS!

Scene 2
at italian restaurant
ai is waiting
ai: oh my god! Where are they? Am i gonna wait them until my ears wet??what am i saying?

Scene 3
at the kitchen
eenbie: buatkn ku yg bru,awl ani jua,i want our unique name not our full name!
Baker fadhil: yes madam,

Scene 4
customer room
daisy: kusut ku eh,ada kmu gula gula?
*Akhrin & ann is snoring*
gbom & ming ming: nda.

One hour later,the cake is done. And ready to show it off on the roadshow,i mean ready to show it to ai's eyes. After ann pay the cake on the receptionest,they rushed to italian restaurant. They plan to make a surprise party,but,a man has ruin this big surprise party plan thingy. His name is HUSH HUSH HUSH. This man knows all,he knows about this plan! So he annouces this plan by a microphone and dance like genjeah. Jynx see all of his EVilNEss,and jynx won't forgive him. To make their plan 'success' they message ai :ai,ke rumah si daisy ko,kucing nya cri ko,nya ai ai ai mana ko ku translate kn plg dah tu. Ai leaves that restaurant and went to daisy's house.
Jynx arrange all food and decorations while waiting ai.
All guests and jynx: SURPRISE ai!
And they happily celebrate the special day.

For ai.
From akhrin.
Hope the understand is in your mind.

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