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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Make him cry,guys. (Demo Version)

Toot-Toot hey! Beep-Beep
Toot-Toot hey! Beep-Beep
Toot-Toot hey! Beep-Beep
Toot-Toot hey! Beep-Beep

Bad girls,
talking about scandalism guys
Scandalism guys
They were so nuts,YEAH~

See them dating on the street at night
Like *sensored*
Making out with their scandal
If the price is right you can score
So how much is it?
Is it expensive if I buy your lips?
I think your lips were to easy,so thanks a lot
You ask yourself,who you are?
Like everybody else? I think NO!
(Bad girls make him cry,YAY!)

Bad girls
Talking about scandalism guys
They were so sad
So wrong
So *sensored*
Maybe they were born as scandalism sucks guys!

We're here to demo the scandalism guys
We got our special,are we?
We're not bitches but we're just special
Just like Rihanna's album

Friday night and the strip is hot (HOT)
Sunday gone down and they are about to trot (OUR TROT)
Spirit is high and they look hot
Don't you wanna scandal them?
And make your girlfriend/s cry
Do you wanna get down?
Now don't you ask yourself,who you are?
Maybe you don't realize the earth gonna
crash into half
on the other side,is a good guys
but the other side is your category

Toot-toot, hey, beep-beep
Toot-toot, hey, beep-beep
Toot-toot, hey, beep-beep

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