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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Another Nomination for 2009

Most wanted songs;
-'Jynx Is A Girl-Like Gangsta' by Ciara
-'Jynx' by Jynx

Most wanted page;

by: sai
photographer: bom

Most wanted ground;

photographer: bom

Most wanted wallpaper;

photographer: rawi memang memang~

Most wanted boy group for Jynx;


creator of group: jyp

Most wanted cartoon character;

Her name is Jynx. Yeah~
She ain't no lynx. Yeah~
Her favourite word? It's 'dalinx'. Yeah!!

sources: pokemon

Most wanted utensils;

sources: dezy & sunaza
photographer: ummi

Most wanted graffiti;

by: hambra
photographer: sai

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