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Sunday, 5 July 2009



It was one of the coldest nights I had ever experienced. It was long past 10pm and I was all alone at the KTM platform in Butterworth, waiting for my night train to Singapore.
While waiting, I sensed that someone or something was imaging towards of. I turned around and saw a beautiful young girl in her early twenties.
"Excuse me, sir, can you please tell me when the train will depart?" she asked sweetly. She wore a beautiful cheongsam with a high slit that exposed her beautiful, skin and fair thighs. I was slightly embarrassed as I couldn't help drooling.
"Miss, I don't know," I replied. I then took another long look at her in the hope that I could somehow befriend her.
She took out her train ticket, bearing a number ending with 1038, and showed it to me. She then asked of if I was going the same way as her. I politely told her that I was going to Singapore to visit an aunt. Before she could reply, the station master shouted that the train would depart soon.
I took her with me to the nearest coach, opened the door and sat down. She was silent and I looked out of the window as rain began pouring down.
I somehow had to find a way to break the ice. "Where are you going, Missy?" was the best opening line I could think of. It seemed to work.
She smiled and replied, "My name is Lily and not Missy, silly."
The last thing I cared for was if her name Lily, Missy or Silly. At least she had smiled at me. I wanted to talk to her more but I felt shy, somehow, in the presence of such a lovely young lady.
I took out my half-finished book to read but before I could start, she interrupted, saying she was a fan of horror stories.
That time the title of my book was "Hantu-hantu di Malaysia: Percaya atau tidak". Lily then asked me whether I had time to listen to a story of her own and I nodded.
The story was about a Miss Chan who had turned 16 and was a stunning beauty. She managed to pass her government examinations and was prove of her achievement.
She packed her bags and left her hometown for Penang in search of an exciting job.
However, in Penang, she fell into some bad company and was forcefully raped one night. Two men killed her and chopped her into pieces, after raping her many times.
They threw her body parts over many places in Ipoh, over two hundred kilometres away from Penang. The two guys thought it was all over until the forty-ninth night after her tragic death.
Miss Chan returned as a ghost to seek revenge on the two murderers.
She sought them, and tore out their private parts, hearts, eyes and internal organs. It was more horrible than what they had done to her.
Although it made the headlines, the mystery of the two mutilated men was never solved in Penang. Taken aback, I took out a cigarette and lit it. I told her that it was the most realistic ghost story that I had ever heard. The way she told it, I thought she was there herself. I told her that it would take a little time for me to write to some magazines to share her story.
She laughed out loud and asked if I believed her story. I was honest: I shook my head but complimented her for telling me such an entertaining story. She was adamant in wanting me to publish her story to warn all young girls not to trust men like Miss Chan had.
I told her not to over-react and I told her that I couldn't promise her that I could get her story published as I didn't even have time for my own writing.
She put a hand on my shoulder and asked me a question that would change my outlook, my lifestyle and my beliefs forever.
"Do you know who the girl is in the story?"
"You mean Miss Chan?" I asked.
"That poor girl was me.. and I'm now going back to Ipoh to rest in peace," she said haltingly. "I have finished my mission.. and I'm going home."
I was stunned. "You are Miss Chan? Yes, sure! And I'm Frankestein!"
At this point, the train's horn sounded and Lily floated in the air. The Lily I knew three hours ago was not the same Lily that was floating in the air. She had taken on a terrifying demeanour; her hair was out of place and her face had terrible scratch marks all over it. Even her cheongsam was badly torn.
I fainted.
When I woke up, I was nearly in Kuala Lumpur. The station master found me sleeping alone and decided not to wake me up.
I finally woke up and slapped myself a few times to make sure I had not dreamt the previous night's events.
But I held something in my right hand. They were two train tickets. One of it was my own and the other had the end numbers 1038.
I realised her story was true and that is why I'm writing in now to TSGS. I want her story to be shared to make her final wish come true.

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