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Friday, 24 July 2009

'Mizz Cupcakezz and the 9 pieces'

Here it is,our Mizz Cupcakezz.
Umurnya,sekitar 77 tahun lah. Single masih,mun kn beguna bh lkas tia untung ni mun siapa couple ngan iya,stiap hri kmu mkn cupcake free tu ah.
Sopan urgnya,genius lagi,ambil economics subject kali ahh.
Ada lagunya ni mau tau? Bh aku nyanyi ah:
Oh oh oh
Cupcakezz Cupcakezz
I'm the most delisios in the dunia houwwww
You can afford me not like NB that you can't afford her accept munim
hey,you better taste me now
because I'm so special
Your lips will taste like sugar,like sugar
Your lips like sugar
Huu Huu
Don't tell me your sorry cause you're haven't taste
Don't blame me cause my business is closed
Hey yummy tummy
Its about time
your times up
you had to this for mu bisnis
oh oh cupcakezz
oh oh cupcakezz
9 biji 3 ringgit
3 biji seringgit
sebji 33 sen
no no,
i don't care
what everyone say
cause my cupcakezz need everyone
yeah yeah
sorry sorry sorry
cupcakezz cupcakezz cupcakezz
9 biji biji biji
its cupcakezz
its cupcakezz
its cupcakezz
my cupcakezz doesn't need anyone else
the moment i bake my cupcakezz
that's right,cupcakezz
whoever curses my cupcakezz
tic toc tic toc
its already bake!
its still being a delisios cupcakezz
only for you,jynx
only for you,jynx
my cupcakezz being so cheap
i know my bisnis is wrong
but i can't stop
its too hurt to stop it
i call jynx last night
but no reply
i want to tell jynx that their cupcakezz burn my house
tic toc tic toc tic toc
i have lost everything!
no problem jynx
i can solve this easily
don't panic
i'll find a way to start a new bisnis
I'm a cupcakezz
I'm a cupcakezz
Cupcakezz is a diva female version
Stop the bisnis,NO!
Houw Houw
Ku akui ku sangat sangat tidak
tapi kini ku sadar yang aku kaya
kau membuat ku hancur
kau membuat rumahku hangus
kau membuat ku tak berdaya
kau hancurkan rumah
bagaimana cara nya untuk meruntuhkan rumah ku lagi
usin ku di bank alum ada
ku tak seperti cupcakezz kaya
kau hancurkan aku dengan oven rusak atu
lelah hati ini membuat cupcakezz atu
cupcakezz ini menampar aku
oh oh
to the bakery
to the bakery
hmm! yeah~
everything is possible baby
she talking like a bitch!
why don't you call her bitch,yeah
my cupcakezz is greater than you
if i were a cupcakezz even just for a day
i'd roll out and bake my body
drink butter with bread
i'd kick my butt into his tummy
ay ay ayo!
cupcakezz hey!
he said i'm worth it
one desire two biji
upgrade me mizz yeah
i need you mizz
i got to see you boo
i need you mizz oh!
hey lil mama mizz
you're a class or you're my oven
i'm so glad you put my top,a sweet cream
cause if i got you
i don't need money
i don't need cars cause i'm just a cupcakezz
who doesn't have a legs
a hand
a eyes or human organ
with mizz with mizz
i don't need anybody else~ heyy~ ay!
hit it!
ulaa! oh yeah~my icing!
i'm way to move out,bye mizz!
oh i missed you!
back to home again!
i remember when i hanging with other flour
try to move a bit
but i can't
cause i'm little
i have you,and taking a suicido
and i'm the beautiful cupcakezz
Hmm No~
I've been waiting for you babe mizz
tell me that you're gonna be with me babe mizz
yeah~mizz mizz mizz
I will always love you! Houw~

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