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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Woohoo.. FINALLY!! It's our 2nd anniversary today after 2 years of marriage(Yes. We, Jynxies, married each other 2 years ago, so?)!! Haha wottafcuk? Inda dih~

='D Hahh~ memories~
Seriously, somehow this anniversary brought back our memories into my head. Kenangan manis+pahit=mahit, kenangan MAHIT kami dulu sampai sekarang memang tidak dapat dilupakan..

Here are the memories I'd always cherish that I couldn't thank more to have..;
-how SMGD and 2614 became Jynx(what a Jynxtastic combination)..
-how we entered Dikir Club together(we have this passion for music u know)..
-how we skipped PMB extra classes together(wonder if the same thing will happen to O-level extra classes)..
-how we write "Jynx" all over the places..
-how we danced our asses off together(i miss these times)..
-how we love Super Junior together..
-how we bitched about someone together(hey, ain't that what girls do?)..
-how we walked around places with people called out, "Jynx! Jynx!!"(this is true i ain't making up stories)..
-how a few groups coppied 77% of the word "Jynx" for their group names..
-how we share secrets..
-how we killed ****'s Math book..
-how we went to PAP Masnah, SMSUA, SMSAB together for our dikir competitions..
-how we went to this cursed school for our nasyid competition..
-how we own this blog together..
-how we have these unique dragon names..
-how we wear the same necklaces together..
-how we own and write the red Jynxcyclopedia..
-how we and 2pm have the same number..
-how we take our haters for granted(sometimes)..
-how we wrote our songs..
-how we laugh and cry and sing together..
-how we want to be best friends forever..
-how we.. eh ko expect aku gito ko semua kalinya?? apaan..

Haha peace and ani saja yang ku sanggup gitau.
:) whoever you are, thx for reading..
But lemme tell u one more memory that I'll be cherishing from now on..;
-how I almost cried remembering those old times I spent with Jynxies..
(cana jua.. kana pasangkan lagu sadih ani wah.) :p

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